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MOD NOTE: On Fanfiction

I think I need to make clear a few things real quick.

1.) Fics are reimagings of the entire series, season 3, the finale in particular, or what happens after ATLA ends.

2.) This is called AVATAR: ENDGAME because the ENDGAME is near, and I want this comm to be a place for fans to discuss the ending and reimagine it as fans often do. It's not really going against the creators decsions anymore than any other fan work.

3.) We're gonna need a rating system.

I'll be going by K, K+, T, and M.

The post below me is M.

4.) Also, A basic description of what you wrote is nice. I'll do an example for an 'alternate' season three fic that I wanted to reccomend to you guys anyways:

Title: Fire Chapter Nine: The Shallows.
Author: Wren Sharpbeak
Rating: K
Summary Following a dangerous path through uncharted waters in the hopes of avoiding the Fire Navy, the gang finds out the hard way why ships never sail there. 

[Here is where you can put in the link. If it's posted elsewhere]


This is actually ninth in a series, so I suggest you go back and start with Chapter One. 
Recommendations are always allowed as long as you never take credit for it, and comments on the post can discuss the story.

-Love, the MOD.

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